Eliminate the “Break-Fix” Routine

With our proven IT partners, Ntellex offers a better way to manage IT. Proactive monitoring, maintenance and management of your servers, desktops and connected devices head off the problems that diminish business performance.

Cost Savings, Less Downtime

With Ntellex’s proprietary agent on your servers and desktops, your assets are kept up to date and clean with patches and security protection. When a problem is detected on a device, we access it remotely to initiate repairs. Typically, we can resolve the issue before you even know there was a problem. When we need to escalate, we dispatch to your site.

Delegate Management, Focus on Business

Keeping an eye on your servers and devices ensures high productivity and speedier decision-making throughout your business. With Ntellex’s Managed IT, you get:

High Performance, High Productivity

When you don’t have an IT team or need to free up valuable staff resources, Ntellex offers an effective, affordable way to meet your precise IT support requirements, 24×7.