The Risks & Consequences Are Real

To secure your information and systems, you need to know where you’re exposed, where your data is located and whether it is fully protected from real and emerging threats.  This is especially urgent for businesses that must comply with regulations and mandates like PCI and HIPAA.

Defending What Counts

Leading our team of proven IT Security partners, Ntellex will coordinate a Network Health Assessment of your IT environment – including networks, servers, desktops and mobile devices – to help you understand where your proprietary data resides, how it moves through your business, and whether it is safe.
Our recommendations lay out a plan designed to mitigate the gaps and provide ongoing protection with solutions that include

Keeping a Watchful Eye

Ntellex helps you stay current on the health and security of your network through detailed monthly reports and scheduled planning discussions. When you need a fast response, we’ll be there, monitoring and managing 24×7.